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April 6, 2009

Jamaluddin Jarjis and the Economic Recession

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Jamaludin Jarjis, who once the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, knows that in this current economic recession, the common people will be the one who suffer the most. That’s why he suggests RM60 billions to be used for helping the common people in order to boost up the country’s economy. Other people may think that it is a natural thing for the government to spend such amount of money to help the people of the country, but if you look at the current condition of economy, you won’t have the gut to propose such amount of money. Thus, this shows that Jamaludin Jarjis puts people as the first priority whether in good or bad situation.

Thanks to God, Jamaludin Jarjis’s proposal to the Parliament is accepted and will be the first step taken by our new PM to get through this challenging period. The news below is taken from Reuters and let’s hope that the new wave of country leaders will trigger a new and big wave of economical boost.


By Razak Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 (Reuters) – Malaysia’s new Prime Minister Najib Razak will likely retain his finance ministry portfolio in a cabinet shakeup in order to oversee the delivery of a 60 billion ringgit ($16.77 billion) economic boost.

A high-level source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters the new cabinet line-up would be announced either on Wednesday or Thursday before Najib leaves for Thailand to attend the East Asia Summit, his first overseas trip as prime minister.

The source said Najib will “most likely” retain his finance ministry portfolio, “as he would need to oversee the economy which is going through a challenging period”.

Malaysia is Asia’s third most export-dependent economy and has been hard hit by the global economic downturn. Najib earlier announced 60 billion ringgit in new spending and loans to cushion the impact on growth and jobs.

He needs to tackle the economic slump, the worst since the Asian financial crisis of a decade ago, and rebuild the coalition that has ruled Malaysia for 51 years but recorded its worst result in national and state elections a year ago.

Read the rest of news here..


Jamaludin Jarjis also touched a lil’ bit about the case of unemployment rate in Malaysia which is the after effect caused by the economic recession. Yup, I also think that the government should take the case a lil’ bit more serious because if this go on, even the government spend RM 60 billion to the people but it is just like pouring 1 litre of water into a tank but 2 litres of water is pouring out of the tank. It is useless, right?

Yes, nevertheless this is all a common people like me, voice and let’s hope that our voices reach the people up there. And let’s hope that more brilliant ideas, like the RM60 billion thingy will be proposed by the parliament people, thanks to Jamaludin Jarjis!


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